Why A Full Glass Of Water With Synthroid

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Rick Wollum's Wollum Worm - 4:17

Salmonid Flies, Nymphs, By Fly Type, By Fly Tyer, Rick Wollum Send feedback »

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Rick started flyfishing at the age of six, at an uncle's cabin in Minnesota for bluegill. Flyfishing quickly became a lifetime pursuit in Colorado, with Rick spending a lot of time fishing Colorado's South Platte while he attended Denver University. He then started guiding with mentor Steve Herter at Elk Trout lodge in Colorado, and later in Wyoming, Utah, and Montana. Rick guided Jackson Hole's One Fly for ten years, and also spent many summers guiding on Montana's Bighorn and Yellowstone Rivers. Later, Rick went on to host ESPN's FLY FISHING AMERICA, traveling and fishing extensively around the U.S. Rick has fished for trout, steelhead and salmon all over the world. If Rick has one passion in fishing, it's steelhead fishing with two handed spey rods. Rick is a great fly tier, and his classic spey flies are works of art. In the winter he works on the ski hills and in the summers he works at at George Anderson's Yellowstone Angler.

We would also like to thank the Federation of Fly Fishers for allowing us to film in their beautiful library. If you aren't a member of FFF, please take a look at their site and see what they are all about.


  • Hook: TMC 200r #20, #22
  • Thread: Yellow 8/0
  • Underbody: Glow in the Dark Flashabou
  • Body: Tan Ultra tubing

Doug McKnight The Pig Pen Leach - 8:53

Salmonid Flies, Streamers, By Fly Type, By Fly Tyer, Doug McKnight 1 feedback »

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Livingston tier and guide Doug McKnight hails originally from Pennsylvania, but now lives in Livingston, MT. He is currently a fly designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants and also creates beautiful display flies in custom shadow boxes.

If you would like to learn more about Doug's custom work you can reach him at dougmfish406@gmail.com or by calling him at George Anderson's Yellowstone Angler at (406) 222-7130.

We would also like to thank the Federation of Fly Fishers for allowing us to film in their beautiful library. If you aren't a member of FFF, please take a look at their site and see what they are all about.


  • Bead: Black Brass eye
  • Hook: #6-12 2XL nymph hook
  • Thread: UTC140 color to suit
  • Tail: Burnt Orange and Brown Marabou, single strand of flashabou
  • Body: Gold Variant Rabbit fur from the hide twisted into a dubbing loop

Kelly Galloup's Zoo Cougar - 37:59

Salmonid Flies, Streamers, By Fly Type, By Fly Tyer, Kelly Galloup 9 feedbacks »

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Kelly has been a fly fishing guide for 27 years. He started guiding in Michigan at the age of 16. He started his fly shop The Troutsman in Traverse City, Michigan, in 1981. He continued to run The Troutsman until the spring of 2002 when he moved to Montana. He is an author and lecturer. His books are Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout (co-authored with Bob Linsenman) and Cripples and Spinners. Kelly has been published by virtually every major magazine in the business and is Editor-at-Large for Fly Fisherman Magazine. Kelly is also one of the hosts of Fly Fish TV on the Outdoor Life Network.


  • Hook: #2-6 3x Streamer
  • Thread: GSP200
  • Tail: Marabou Yellow
  • Body: Small Chrystaline Chenille
  • UnderWing: Underwing calftail
  • Overwing: Mallard Flank dyed yellow
  • Head and Collar: Yellow Dear Hair

CW’s CDC and Foam Green Drake Emerger - 13:34

Misc, Salmonid Flies, Nymphs, By Fly Type, By Fly Tyer, Chris Williams 1 feedback »

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From Chris:

With regards to fly tying and fishing, I have done both since I was 9-years-old. Even with my rather limited math skills, I believe that translates to 40 years experience. Although I do fish and tie nymphs, my true passion is for dry fly-fishing, especially of the very small variety. Favorite hatches involve fishing baetis, midges, and tricos. I look upon fly-tying as a continually evolving process with new materials and new twists on old ties and methods emerging all of the time. My philosophy as a fly-tier is that tying is really a way of problem-solving. I spend a great deal of time on streams and lakes with much time being spent simply as an observer of entomology and nature. I try to come up with patterns that fit different situations, try to be innovative in the creation of flies to solve different problems, and I also try to learn from other individuals in order to be a better tier and fisherman.
While I certainly would not consider myself a famous tier or fly fisherman, I have been demonstrating fly-tying at expos (including the tremendous East Idaho Expo), fly club meetings, for community groups, and in shops for about the last eight years. Some of my flies have also been featured in Fly Fish America, and I am currently a member of Whiting's Pro Team. Also, I am currently producing a line of dry fly and emerger patterns that will be marketed by Riverborn Flies in 2010.
Over the years, I have been helped by many people to improve my skills as a tier and fly fisherman, and to those folks I owe a great debt of gratitude. I truly love this sport and as I grow to be a mature member of the fly tying and fishing community, it is one of my goals to pass on a little of the knowledge I have accumulated over the years.


  • Hook: TMC 2488 #12 or Partridge Klinkhammer #14
  • Thread: UTC 70 olive
  • Tail: March Brown antron dubbing shuck
  • Body: Underbody of Olive Superfine Dubbing, and overbody of Blue-Wing Olive turkey biot tied with a furled body
  • Thorax: Olive Superfine Dubbing with a translucent grey Razorfoam wingcase
  • Wing: matched CDC wings pulled through the wingcase
  • Legs: 1 or 2 wraps Whiting speckled badger hackle clipped into a V underneath

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