Are you ready for a FUN PACK!

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A what? A fun pack. Its the first try at a name. I thought about using action pack but that just didn't seem appropriate. What is it? Well because paypal fees (I love paypal by the way) make pricing videos at less than $2.99 not very tenable, I decided to package several together and sell the HD videos that way. This first one is for June and has 8 HD scuds, nymphs, and emergers. You get a $24 value for just $10. That's pretty near 60% off the list price. So take a look at the patterns below and if even half of them look interesting, its a deal. Get your JUNE FUN PACK now!

Todd Moen and Catch Magazine make great Videos

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Todd Moen and Brian O'Keefe have a great magazine in Catch. I've written about it before and I just can't say enough how much I admire the job they are doing. ( I even plunked down a few precious bucks to advertise with them a few months ago). Todd's latest work is a two part short on a mother-daughter teem of steelhead outfitters in B.C. The imagery is beautiful as always but what I really like is the fact that its what someone once referred to as "a good story well told". Take a look below at both parts and be sure to subscribe to Catch Magazine for mouth watering fly fishing goodness. (its free)

Cutting and Editing and stuff

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Sorry I've been away for awhile. I've been cutting and compressing and transcoding and uploading, oh and filming some. I thought I'd bring you and update with some names to go with some of the pics from my previous post. Here's a list of upcoming patterns which will ultimate take TWF up to 193 patterns and 40.5 hours of content.

  • Veiled Egg
  • Blood Midge
  • Lady Caroline
  • Day-2 Midge Pupa
  • KC's Crane Fly
  • TLF Deer Hair Emerger
  • Burkus Baetis Emerger
  • KC's Shaggy Caddis
  • Woven Hair Hackle Dry Fly
  • Eumer Steelhead Killer
  • TLF BWO Softhackle
  • KC's Powder Puff CDC Emerger
  • Blue Bird Spey
  • Booty's Mahogany Emerger
  • Dahlberg Rabbit Strip Diver
  • Green Rockworm Caddis
  • Bear hair Golden Trude
  • TLF Steelhead Magic
  • KC's Woodchuck Nymph
  • Bear Back Rider

East Idaho Fly Tying Expo

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Its that time of year again and TWF is down at the East Idaho Fly Tying Expo meeting up with old friends and filming a slew of patterns and top notch tiers. Here are some of the patterns You will be seeing in the coming weeks and some set and expo pics.

Sample Reels

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Screen shot from student film "The Bobcat Question"

No, I'm not giving away free Hardy's, though that would be nice huh? I just wanted to let everyone know that I've put up a new page called REELS (check the tabs at the top of the page on the right). I have and will continue to post samples of Reel Action projects and my own work. I've got five films up now and I'll add more as I go including, probably, the 5-6 promotional videos we did for outfitters in Argentina in 2009.

Take a look and enjoy.


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