More and More Downloads

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Just for the record, we now have all the videos through 6/24/10 available as HD Downloads. We now have a total of 117 patterns available for download. We also have all of our DVDs available as downloads. Look under the DVD section.

Norway Calling

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A month or so ago, we got a mention on a Norwegian forum (Takk Norge) and it got me thinking so I looked up a bunch of Norwegian fly fishing sites, picked the ones that looked good and sent them an email. I didn't expect much reply but I've gotten three so far and I've added them to our Links page. But, to save you the trouble of a click, here they are:

If you've ever wanted to fish Norway, especially for Atlantic Salmon, check these sights out. They have some interesting patterns if you are willing to noodle your way through another language (HINT: Fly Tying in Norwegian is Fluebinding). You can also try the wonderful world of Google for rough translating.

Downloadable DVD titles

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And Many more....
Just an FYI that over the last week or so, we've been putting up new HiDef patterns on our video store as well as downloadable versions of many DVDs. Some of these DVDs (Bob Jacklin's titles: One and Two) are not available as individual patterns on our store. Others, such as various compilations and George Anderson's Terminal Tactics DVD come at a discount compared to buying them ala carte. You will also save shipping charges and the files will be placed immediately into your "My Account" box.

Hope your spring tying and fishing is going well.


Scandinavia, Jazz, and Fly fishing.

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Sorry to have not posted in a while. I've been working on my thesis film for my MFA. Here's an new take on the fly fishing video I found via Twitter.

Jazz and Fly Fishing trailer from Jazz and Fly Fishing on Vimeo.

Hello Norway

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Welcome to all of our friends from Norway who have come here via I don't read Norwegian but thanks for the link love.

or according to the internet tranlator I used:

Velkommen for alle av våre venner fra Norge hvem ha komme her over via en en JEG ikke gjør det lese Norsk bortsett fra takk for leddet elske.

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