New HD Download available

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Just a quick reminder that this week's pattern (Doug McKnight's Home Invader ) is available as an HD Download from our Video Store. That is all. Thanks.
The Home Invader Streamer

Niether here nor There...

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This post has nothing to do with fly fishing. I was just stumbling around in an old harddrive (I have about 16 on my desk with about 20 terabytes or so) and I found this short vid on pet Bobcats we made my first year in grad school. Its pretty interesting visually if nothing else and we tried to be as objective as possible. That said, these cats are very cool up close though I personally probably wouldn't own one as a pet. Enjoy. (oh and the first couple seconds is just sound so hang in there a bit)

FFF Newsletter and new recipes

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On Set with Mike and Dave
Mike and Dave Bloom on the FFF Library Set

Just wanted to let folks know that we are getting a mention in the Fly Fishing Federation newsletter today. They have been very helpful in letting us film in their impressive library at their headquarters in Livingston, MT. If you aren't aware of all the great things the FFF does, be sure to check out their site.

We shot another dozen recipes at the library this past Wednesday including Doug McKnight's Home Invader streamer that is going to be featured in Fly Fisherman Magazine's Tying Bench section in their March issue as well as some new patterns from Dave Bloom and a new tyer for us, Willy Self. So keep an eye out for some great new recipes leading up to the South East Idaho Fly Tying Expo. We are planning on going down again to load up on great new patterns from new and returning tyers!

New DVDs up!

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Just wanted to take a quick minute to let everyone know that we are putting up a bunch of new DVDs on our Store. In addition to a casting vid and two tying vids, we have a bunch of new compilation vids of the patterns from the main site in DVD quality. Take a look and if you think of additional groupings you might like, please let us know. We are kind of feeling our way through this whole process.

On another note, we will be filming some new patterns next week at the FFF library. They have been very generous and welcoming with their facilities and expertise so if you aren't hip to what they do and who they are, please click through and read up on them. They are a truly great organization.

Thanks and happy tying.

Photography on the Fly

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I know there are a lot of great fly fishing photographers out there, but I'd like to submit another name for your consideration. James Anderson is a friend of ours and definitely has a lot of talent and is a name you should be on the look out for in the future. Take a look at his work at

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