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I just wanted to point out to those who haven't checked it out yet that we have several FREE downloads in our Video Shop.

Here's a few Freebies to take a look at:

  1. Double Surgeon's Knot
  2. Improved Clinch
  3. Perfection Loop

There are others too, so take a look around and remember that almost all of the fly pattern downloads are IN HD!.

Happy New Year and happy tying from TheWeeklyFly.


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The reserves of patterns were getting a little low so we filmed Doug McKnight and Rick Wollum tying a few patterns last night. The Federation of Fly Fishers was nice enough to allow us to film in their absolutely wonderful library. If you are ever in the Livingston, MT area, you should take the time to drop by and check it out. We are looking to put a discount on our Video Shop for FFF members in the next month or so, so keep an eye out.

Next Couple of Weeks

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Well, the next few weeks of posts are up because I'm skipping town. I'm heading east and then North to film polar bears for Polar Bears International. Its a pretty exciting opportunity. I'll have email access though, so please keep the comments and questions coming and don't forget to check out the HD Downloads at our store. For a free sample, check out Bob Jacklin's Green Rockworm pattern in the previous blog post or just click HERE.

Free Sample.....

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Download and HD Version of this:

Click here for free HD sample vid

If you'd like to try a free sample of the HD Downloads we've got on our store, try the Green Caddis Rockworm by Bob Jacklin. Just click HERE or on the picture above and save it to your hard drive. Its a file in the m4v format so you may need Quicktime to view it. But the quality and resolution are worth it. Enjoy, and let us what you think.

Oh and we now have a bunch of instructional Knot Tying videos up too by George Anderson. Keep an eye out for more and varying content as we get stuff up and in the system over the next few weeks.

Our Store is Up!!!!

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DVDs and HD Downloads are now for sale at our new STORE. Just click the "Video Store" link and it will take you there. We will be tweaking it a bit over the next few weeks to improve the look and feel, but the functionality is all there. Have fun, and let us know what you think!

All products are the exclusive copyright of Reel Action Media and The Weekly Fly. We don't make much money and we don't ask for much. We don't mind you sharing a vid or two with your friends but please don't spread it around the interwebs without our permission. Thanks and Enjoy!

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