Pheeeww. Glad that's done.

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Since the fall of 2005, I've been working towards my MFA in Science and Natural History Filmmaking. Its where I learned to do this fly tying video stuff. In the meantime, I've started a business, my wife and I have had two kids, filmed from the arctic to Tierra Del Fuego, and had a lot of other fun adventures too. The degree requires a shortish thesis paper and a thesis film. Attached below is my thesis film. Its as much about the separation between the camera and subject as about the futility of defining what draws us to fly fishing. Its in HD on vimeo if you click through or expand to full screen.

Streamflies discount flies

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Talked to Phillip Wolfmueller the other day and I'm finally getting a chance to enter a new post. Phillip and the folks over at buy overstock flies and sell them at steep discounts ($.50 per). You might take a moment if you are behind in your own stock or flipped your canoe last fall and lost a bunch of flies to click on over and see what they have on offer. Thanks to Phillip for contacting me.

An earlier Version of The Weekly Fly (1890s)

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I had the below link show up on Google Alerts today and thought it was interesting. It has nothing to do with fly fishing or tying but I guess I'm not as original as I though it would. It seems some teens in Sandusky, OH also liked the name. Luckily it predates copyright coverage. Click on the picture/link to get a snippet of Sandusky history.

Permit Feeding video

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I saw this posted on facebook by Fly Fishing The Run. I thought it might be interesting to those lucky enough to make it down into saltier waters this winter.

Check here for TWF Permit Patterns.

Book Give Away!

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We are clearing off the shelves here making ready for a big adventure to come and I refound a beautiful book that was still in its box. Since I can't really keep it, I'm going to pass it along to one lucky winner. All you have to do is register as a user of this site and in two weeks I'll select a user randomly from the userbase. Click on the below link to find out more about the book The Art of the Creel as described on Amazon. (also note what they are selling for:D)

Note: For international users who don't want to go through the hassle of dealing with customs, you can choose to take a Subscription to our HD Download site instead. In fact, I'll make that true for everyone.

The Art of the Creel

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