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A month or two ago, our friend Rocky Maley out of Eastern Washington started his own blog Steelhead Junkies. Rocky has been kind enough to tie several classic patterns for us and I highly suggest you check out his site. Although he's only been at it for a few years, he's been tying some really incredible flies and his Steelhead Junkies sight is a great resource for anyone interested in learning to tie some beautiful flies. He also sells specialized materials and other hardware you might need. Plus, he's just a great guy.

His latest post shows how he builds the underbody for a show fly. Underbody

New Years and Resolute

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Its a brand new year now and here in Montana it started out with single digit temperatures. That didn't slow certain anglers down. I got an email today about Joe Dilschneider's personal tradition. Joe runs Montana Trout Stalkers over in Ennis, MT as well as doing quite a bit for the Madison River Foundation. Below are his own words and some pics he took of the undertaking.

Happy New Year!

In keeping with about a 10 year tradition, I set out today to catch the first Trout of the year. It has been extremely cold here recently; 14 below zero yesterday. Today it warmed up just a bit, to a few degrees above zero. Undaunted, Jim Morrison, Pepper and I headed up to Raynold’s pass around noon today with the goal of catching just ONE Trout. The wind was howling through the valley creating a significant ground blizzard from Ennis to Palisades with all the recent snow we’ve had. But when we arrived at Raynold’s it was cold, clear and calm!

Although we didn’t slay ‘em and we didn’t catch any real pigs, we did substantially surpass our goal and enjoyed the awesome beauty of deep winter in the Madison Valley!

Here are some pictures…

All the best in 2011~!

New Look on the way

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I've just contacted a developer to redo the look of this site. He is going to make it look much more like the store whose look I much prefer. The current theme is fine I guess but I've never really taken to it. It just looks a little plastic. Also, in several places the fonts are smaller than many of us can read easily. While the look will change, the layout and geography should remain pretty close to the same. I like its simplicity and there's no need to add confusion to things. I'm really looking forward to this and I hope you will all enjoy the results.

In a seemingly neverending struggle to find a way for this site to pay for itself, I will also be adding an affiliate store tab. This will be different than the video store we now have. You can click there an buy all sorts of fishing equipment including fly tying supplies. The sales are all actually run through another respected and trusted provider. In a previous post I encouraged everyone to shop at their local stores first for this sort of thing, and I stand by that. If you can't find it there though, you can search for it here.

Happy new year everyone!

Fly tying on Amazon

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That might get your attention but its not as exotic as it sounds. I signed up awhile ago to be an Amazon affiliate. I put links to products and get a tiny cut if you buy stuff. I really haven't made anything but it prompted me to start looking around under things like fly fishing and fly tying. There's a ton of stuff. Now, I would much rather buy my gear locally. I know the folks at the local shops and they gotta pay for their lifestyle somehow and I know it's pretty tough to make it in this industry. I admire anyone who gives up the 9-5 to pursue what they love. That said, if you can't find it locally, you might find it on Amazon. They have tying supplies and they have fly rods and they have Fly Fishing Books.

That's what makes them such a success of course, the variety and choice. Again, I'd suggest shopping locally first, especially for tying supplies where it pays to be able to handle the fur and feathers personally. But I've lived places before that just didn't have a local shop or if they did, the market didn't support a large inventory. In those cases you might explore Amazon, and for that matter, other online resources.

Merry Christmas everyone, or whatever makes you happy! (shameless marketing to follow)

Focal Fish

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Yesterday I wrote about words vs photos and focused on Catch Magazine. I'd like to continue belying my own haughty stance by recommending a scopophilic site I found today. Its called, they just started up recently, and they post a fly fishing picture a day from around the world. They have some fantastic photographers/guides contributing and if you like burning time looking at gorgeous mouth watering photos, this site is worth the time.

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