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Many of you know or at least know of Poppy Cummins: founder, owner, and organizer of Red Shed Fly Shop in Peck, ID on the Clearwater River. Poppy and family contribute a ton of time and money to promote and educate and benefit two handed rod fishing. On Sept 25th, they are hosting a BBQ for anyone interested at the Lenore picnic area. More info at the Red Shed Fly Shop.
Image by Anderson Moore
(Painting by Anderson Moore / AnglersNirvana.com)

Thanks Poppy!


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Just found this on Google Alerts. Apparently we were selected as one of the top 45 Fishing blogs by somebody. We're about half way down. Not sure what this means overall or why they chose the number 45 but its nice to be in such good company.
2010 Top 45 Fishing Blogs

Boots Allen, The Author

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Boots Allen has been generous enough to tie several patterns for us over the last three years. He's a great guy and very interesting. He has a Ph.D. that he got for work in Mongolia and has guided for years in the Jackson Hole One Fly competition. He's a very down to earth type and incredibly knowledgeable. I just wanted to let people know he's got a book out via Amato press on the Snake River. I believe he has another one coming out in the near future as well. If you get a chance, take a look at
Image from Amazon
Snake River Fly-Fishing: Through the Eyes of an Angler-Guide by Boots Allen

From the spectacular Teton Wilderness, downstream 195 miles to just below the confluence with the Henry's Fork, this book will take you on a fly-fishing journey. In his book the author shares his best fly patterns along with color photographs and dressings. Fly-fishing strategies; reading the water; hatches and timing; trout foods; and where to find your fish are all included in this comprehensive book. The Snake River has a long history among fly fishermen and in this book you will find out why.

Hoppers Galore

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The FFF posted a link on Facebook today about this year being a big Hopper year for the Western states. Here's the story from NPR and here's a couple of hopper patterns that might prove tasty to feasting trout.

Sweetgrass Hopper

Jay Dave's Hopper

Facebook Love

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I've added The Weekly Fly to Facebook if you are into that sort of thing. Stop by and give us a LIKE when you get a chance. I'll try not to do too much duplication of posts between the Vid page, the Blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Seems like a lot but I enjoy getting the word out about the site. Hope you enjoy this week's post by Boots Allen and had a Great 4th!
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