More Downtime

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Apologies again for our recent downtime. Increased traffic and lenient database settings led to a crashed table. Fancy talk for "Whoops". Things should be corrected and hopefully our new settings will keep this from happening again soon. By the way, tomorrow's pattern is the Belizeable by Charles Barton.

Kings of the River

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I don't know how many of you know about the Drake Magazine's annual fly fishing film fest they have been holding the last 4 years at the Denver Retailers show, but we just had our second film selected (we didn't submit last year). Our film this year was on fishing in Bolivia. We had to have a very quick turnaround with it to make the show but I'm pretty pleased with the quasi surrealist results. We hope to have a full length piece done early 2010. Take a look and leave a comment to let us know what you think.


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Wow, what a day and a half makes. We were over on the Beaverhead and Jefferson filming for the last few days and I just got back and noticed that our traffic was way down. I tried to go to the site and saw the error most of you probably saw. I did a quick google on the error, did a quick fix and we seem to be back up. I sincerely apologize for the interruption and any anxiety it may have caused. That one of the problem in putting a filmmaker in charge of database management.

Hope you all keep coming back.


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We have a busy month ahead of us in September. Next week we will be filming over in the Twin Bridges area again, the next week Mike heads to the Fly Fishing Retailers Show in Denver while I do some freelance work in N. Dakota, and then the following week, we'll be filming with Mark Petitjean in Bozeman. Then its straight back into the "edit bay" where the real work starts. I'll try to put up some photos from the shoots.

We'll also be bringing some new aspects to the site (if we stay on schedule) and running at least one more contest.

Oh yeah, and we'll continue posting new patterns every week.

Happy tying


Editing etc

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Well, I haven't posted here for awhile because I've been buckling down editing and compressing the last of the patterns from April's Eastern Idaho Fly expo and converting vids for DVD and download. I've also been editing a couple of last minute shorts for the Denver show in September and we'll be shooting for another DVD over on the Madison on Wednesday through Friday. Its a busy summer and I have had little to no time to hit the water yet. I might have to take some evening time this week. I'm also curious to see if folks are tying less during the summer or if you increase the amount you do and for what reasons. Because you are inspired by the fact that you get to fish your patterns? Because you need to refill your fly boxes? Other? Drop us a line in the comments section and let us know your thoughts. In the mean time, check out Boots Allen's Brown Drake Emerger pattern for this week.

Take care and happy tying.

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