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Todd Moen and Catch Magazine make great Videos

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Todd Moen and Brian O'Keefe have a great magazine in Catch. I've written about it before and I just can't say enough how much I admire the job they are doing. ( I even plunked down a few precious bucks to advertise with them a few months ago). Todd's latest work is a two part short on a mother-daughter teem of steelhead outfitters in B.C. The imagery is beautiful as always but what I really like is the fact that its what someone once referred to as "a good story well told". Take a look below at both parts and be sure to subscribe to Catch Magazine for mouth watering fly fishing goodness. (its free)

Pheeeww. Glad that's done.

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Since the fall of 2005, I've been working towards my MFA in Science and Natural History Filmmaking. Its where I learned to do this fly tying video stuff. In the meantime, I've started a business, my wife and I have had two kids, filmed from the arctic to Tierra Del Fuego, and had a lot of other fun adventures too. The degree requires a shortish thesis paper and a thesis film. Attached below is my thesis film. Its as much about the separation between the camera and subject as about the futility of defining what draws us to fly fishing. Its in HD on vimeo if you click through or expand to full screen.

New Vid from Leland

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I know they are a retailer but this is a fairly interesting video on popping steelhead flies. I also like the stepped up video production quality. Watch to the end to see them in use with a fish on.

Get the DVD:

Disclosure: I am signed up as an affiliate of Leland so if you click the links and buy something, I get to keep a smidge. That said. I haven't seen the DVD or used the flies so no recommendations here. I'm just posting this for informational purposes.

Juan Ramirez Ties the Colarado Caddis

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The other day I came across Juan Ramirez's site HopperJuan.  He's a tyer and blogger from the Front Range in Colorado [east side of the mountains for those wondering].  You should check out his blog if you get a chance.  Its got some great pics of the bugs he and his compatriots tie down there.  I contacted him and he pointed me to his Vimeo page with several sweet patterns.  Here he is tying the Colorado Caddis, a little caddis pupa pattern.  Take a look and then check out his site if you get a chance.

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