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New Years and Resolute

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Its a brand new year now and here in Montana it started out with single digit temperatures. That didn't slow certain anglers down. I got an email today about Joe Dilschneider's personal tradition. Joe runs Montana Trout Stalkers over in Ennis, MT as well as doing quite a bit for the Madison River Foundation. Below are his own words and some pics he took of the undertaking.

Happy New Year!

In keeping with about a 10 year tradition, I set out today to catch the first Trout of the year. It has been extremely cold here recently; 14 below zero yesterday. Today it warmed up just a bit, to a few degrees above zero. Undaunted, Jim Morrison, Pepper and I headed up to Raynold’s pass around noon today with the goal of catching just ONE Trout. The wind was howling through the valley creating a significant ground blizzard from Ennis to Palisades with all the recent snow we’ve had. But when we arrived at Raynold’s it was cold, clear and calm!

Although we didn’t slay ‘em and we didn’t catch any real pigs, we did substantially surpass our goal and enjoyed the awesome beauty of deep winter in the Madison Valley!

Here are some pictures…

All the best in 2011~!

Ad but cool

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A long time ago I signed up to be an affiliate of Leland Outfitters in San Fran. I put an ad up and nobody clicked on it so I took it down. The other day I got an email about how they had a video ad so I took a look at it and thought it was pretty cool, at least from a filmmaking perspective. They also have a decent tying section on their site so you may want to check that out though I know most of you probably prefer to hand select if not hand make a lot of your materials. So below is the vid/ad. Enjoy.

note: I'm still and affiliate so if you click on the vid and buy anything I get a small commission. That said, I'm not making any recommendations beyond the vid but here's their Tying Section and
Click here for free same day shipping from Leland -!

Clash of the Polar Titans

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I've been in Churchill for going on three weeks now and I've seen some incredible stuff and met some truly interesting people. Here's a couple of pieces I've done if you are interested.
The first is "Clash of the Polar Titans" which features some almost over-the-top music and polar bears sparring in the snow. Younger bears spar while they wait for the ice to come in just for something to do and to practice for when there's actually something to compete for. They have almost nothing to eat until they can get out on the ice.

And here's a somewhat less exciting compilation of three timelapses I did including one of the Aurora/Northern Lights.

TimeLapse: Two sunsets and an Aurora from Henry Harrison on Vimeo.

More patterns and a little break

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Headed up to Glacier for a few days with the family so I'll be away from the computer. Its hard to do but I've post the next two weeks' patterns already. They should publish on time on Monday and the following Monday. Look for patterns from Steve Potter and Boots Allen. Have a great weekend!
Sneak Peak.
Steve Potter's Contribution

Boots Allen's Contribution

More and More Downloads

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Just for the record, we now have all the videos through 6/24/10 available as HD Downloads. We now have a total of 117 patterns available for download. We also have all of our DVDs available as downloads. Look under the DVD section.

All products are the exclusive copyright of Reel Action Media and The Weekly Fly. We don't make much money and we don't ask for much. We don't mind you sharing a vid or two with your friends but please don't spread it around the interwebs without our permission. Thanks and Enjoy!

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