Tylar Dimond Purple Czech Nymph - 12:07

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Tylar is relatively new to tying but is the protege of Bob Jacklin out of West Yellowstone. Tylar is from Utah and considers the Provo River to be his home waters.


  • Hook: tmc scud hook in sizes 14-12
  • Thread:black uni thread 180 denier
  • Abdomen: synthetic polar bear in purple sparkle (doubbing)
  • Shell back:strip of flat flash
  • Rib: gold wire

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Josh Stanish Baetis Wonder Nymph - 10:47

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Josh Stanish is a tyer from Bozeman, MT. Find out more about Josh by going to Biggie's Bugs or to www.montanatroutchasers.com

Josh grew up in the mountains of Colorado and watched a world class resort grow from the ground up. His passion for fishing got started at a young age when his father would take him camping in the flat top wilderness. When he was about 10 he found an old spin/flyfish combo rod and headed to the river. He has been completely consumed with the sport ever since. Upon graduating High School he headed north to the great state of Montana. He attended college between his days on the Madison, Yellowstone and Gallatin Rivers.


  • Hook: TMC 5212 # 16-20
  • Thread: 70 Denier Gray Brown UTC
  • Tail: Dark Dun Hackle Fibers
  • Body: Olive Standard Tubing
  • Thorax: # 29 Hareline Dubbing
  • Wing: Grizzly Hackle

Willy Self Willy's UV Cray - 11:06

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Willy discovered his passion for fly fishing at the early age of six. Shortly thereafter, he began tying his own flies for trout, salmon steelhead, and shad. Willy found his love of lake fishing early and has continued to fish stillwaters, becoming known far and wide for his expertise and knowledge. He has fished all over northern California, Idaho, and Montana. From famous blue ribbon trout rivers to high mountain lakes and reservoirs, from farm ponds to the big lakes, Willy has guided for over twenty years in Montana and Yellowstone National Park. Willy has continued to develop his fly tying skills and is currently a signature tyer for Brookside Flies out of Denver, Co. He is the Assistant Manager of Montana Troutfitters of Bozeman. He uses any number of Echo fly rods to ply his craft, including our spey and switch rods and is currently working on the new design of Airflo fly lines for special presentation on lakes. Spey casting may be a new approach for lake fishermen in the US, but in Europe it is a common practice allowing for long distant casts from the shoreline.


  • Hook: size#8 dia-riki 280
  • Thread: olive thread 3/0 mono
  • Ribbing: black flexy floss
  • Underbody: orange marabou
  • Body: mottled olive and black flake(slither skin)soon to be on thw market.
  • Dubbing: Light olive u.v.dudding
  • Pincers: slither cone skin cut pinchers
  • Hackle: olive grizzley hen saddle hackle
  • .05mm stretch magic

Jesse Riding J's Spidey Sense - 12:11

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From Jesse:

Born and raised in Northern Utah. Have tied since I was 8 years old and fished many places and countries, but mostly in Western streams and lakes. Love to use a combination of synthetic and natural material in fly designs and think that makes the best performing and selling pattern. Currently work for Rainy’s Flies as manager and head of Customer Service, product development, and sales. (info@rainsyflys.com)


  • Hook: Standard Scud Hook Size 12
  • Thread: Black 6/0
  • Eyes: Rainy’s Bug Eyes
  • Body: Rainy’s Black 1/8” Evazote (Cut to shape)
  • Hackle: Black Dry Fly Saddle
  • Legs: Black Sili Legs
  • Indicator: Orange Acrylic paint

Species used for: Panfish, Bass, Trout, etc.
Places specifically used a lot: Stillwater, eddies, etc.

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