Jesse Riding Rainy's Ant - 8:43

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From Jesse:

Born and raised in Northern Utah. Have tied since I was 8 years old and fished many places and countries, but mostly in Western streams and lakes. Love to use a combination of synthetic and natural material in fly designs and think that makes the best performing and selling pattern. Currently work for Rainy’s Flies as manager and head of Customer Service, product development, and sales. (


  • Hook: TMC 531 sizes 12-18 )Or similar SDF Hook.
  • Thread: Black 8/0
  • Body: Rainy’s Small Black Float Foam
  • Legs: Small Black Round Rubber Legs
  • Strike Indicator: Rainy’s 1/8” Evazote Sheet Foam (Orange or other desired color)

Tylar Dimond Dimond Midge - 6:37

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Tylar is relatively new to tying but is the protege of Bob Jacklin out of West Yellowstone. Tylar is from Utah and considers the Provo River to be his home waters.


  • Hook: dai-riki 270 in sizes 16-14
  • Thread: unithread 180 denier in black
  • Tail: crystal flash
  • Rib: gold wire
  • Abdomen: black thread
  • Wing case: crystal flash
  • Thorax: black doubbing or black thread

Matt Wilhelm March Brown Emerger - 11:42

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Matt Wilhelm’s passion for fly fishing began at age 11 on the banks of the Manistee River in Northern Michigan. Since then Matt has spent his life learning, and sharing with others the sport of fly fishing. Matt resides in Livingston, Montana and is a co-owner of the Yellowstone Fly Fishing School where he instructs and guides people of all ages and abilities with the goal of getting them hooked on fly fishing, and protecting their aquatic resources.

The goal of the Yellowstone Fly Fishing School is to develop confident and competent fly fishers by giving them the knowledge and the skills they need to pursue fish with a fly. In the sport of fly fishing learning and discovery never ceases. Whether you are a beginner, or experienced fly fisher, join us at the Yellowstone Fly Fishing School and learn for a lifetime!

He is also the Education Director for the Center for Aquatic Nuisance Species (CANS). His duties include developing educational materials and programs for youth and adults that focus on stopping the spread of aquatic nuisance species and keeping our waters healthy. He also is the fly fishing coordinator for Montana’s Hooked on Fishing program where he plans and implements fly fishing education programs that reach close to 7,000 kids per year.


  • Thread: 6/0 brown
  • Hook: Dai Riki #125 emerger hook sz 12-14
  • Tail: Pheasant tail fibers
  • Body: Turkey tail fibers
  • Rib: Small copper or silver wire
  • Thorax: Tan dubbing
  • Hackle: Hungarian Partridge

Jerry Criss Classic Irish Mayfly - 16:36

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From Jerry Criss:

I am a fly tyer from La Pine, Oregon. I retired to Central Oregon in “2004” to follow my passion for the sport of fly fishing and fly tying which took hold of me in the early 80’s. I was blessed with a great mentor and teacher in the late Andre’ Puyan’s who with great patience and humor cleaned up my tying by teaching me the classic techniques of the fly tyers craft. Andre’ believed that with great technique there is not a fly that you couldn’t tye. It is the way and how I teach today in my own classes.
I demonstrate at the most of the tyer conclaves and The Fly Fishing Shows in the Western US. I teach and do demos at the local Orvis store, as well as coordinate a winter fly tying series for the Central Oregon Fishers for which I am a member. In “2009”, I received the Stan Walters Memorial Fly Tyer of Year award from, the Oregon Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers. I am humbled to be in the same class as the past winners of this great award, and I will continue to teach and pass on the fly tying craft for that is the only way it can live on.


  • Hook: Standard wet fly hook #16 to #10
  • Thread: 8/0 Olive
  • Tail: Amherst Pheasant 4 to 5 barbs
  • Butt: Ostrich hurl or peacock hurl
  • Body: Olive silk or tight dubbing
  • Rib: Oval tensil silver
  • Thorax: Olive dubbing wrapped loose
  • Hackle: Yellow French Partridge

Note: These flies can be almost any color from yellow to dark olive

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