Q: Why are you providing free videos when everyone else seems to want to charge?
A: We can and we want to. We love filmmaking and we love fly fishing and tying, and this merges both. Quite simply, we want to make the highest quality fly tying videos on the net and we want them to be USEFUL to as many as possible.

Q: How do you make these videos?
A: We use 2 or more HD cameras with a professional lighting and professional sound packages. We use Final Cut Studio for post production as well as other professional grade equipment and software. This is not our primary filmmaking endeavor but we leverage the equipment we use for other projects for the fly tying videos because we can and because we believe it makes a positive difference.

Q: There are plenty of free tying videos out there on the net if you look for them. What makes yours special.
Yes there are plenty of people who have filmed themselves tying a fly in their basement with a handy cam and posted it on places like YouTube. Ours are different in quality, of tiers, flies tied, and production value of the video, and also in quantity. We will be adding a fly pattern a week until there are no more. We will also be making our free library searchable and organized in a way that makes it more useful than doing queries on the net and digging through various other sites. We do have a store where we offer FULL Resolution videos available for download to your home computer in the hopes of recouping a little bit of our costs.

Q: What do I need to view these videos?
A: You will need Adobe Flash 8 player or greater. If your browser has a hard time reading them, you may need to upgrade your browser. Adobe no longer supports older versions of Flash player.

Q: My video seems to stutter. Is there anything I can do about that?
A: The stuttering may be caused by a couple of things. Video files are quite large because video and film is made up of individual pictures played very rapidly, about 30 frames a second so a 15 minute video has 15x60x30 pictures (27,000 pictures). Though they are compressed, you still need a fast internet connection. If you don't have that, it may take a while to download the video to memory. You may want to open another window or go do something else for awhile and wait till it finishes downloading to memory. The other issue is that the compression algorithms can do a great job of making the files smaller, but that means that you computer needs more RAM and processing power to decode the file. If you have an older computer or a lot of applications open, it may not be able to keep up. Try closing other applications.

Q: It won't let me leave a comment. It says I need to enter some text but I don't see any?
A: This is a Captcha image that is used to prevent automated spam bots. You should see an image with letters in it and you must enter those letters into the desginated box inorder to submit comments or send emails. If you don't see the image, you may need to delete all the cookies in your browser for Theweeklyfly.com .
Q: Are the people that tie for you paid?
A: No, so it is very important for you as a viewer to check them out and support them by buying flies or booking trips or whatever their day job is. They have very generously supplied their time and expertise and we hope you will support them in return.

Q: How do I leave a comment?
A: You must register as a user in order to comment. You must also be sure to enter the letters/numbers from the little box that appears. This is to make it more difficult for spammers to clog up what should be a useful tool. If you have problems leaving comments please let us know by sending an email to info@theweeklyfly.com .

Q: How do I know if my comment is spam?
A: We'll delete your comment.

Q: Is there a way to get a better resolution version of the videos.

A: YES! Most patterns are available from our Video Shop as HD Downloads. You will also find collections of patterns on DVD there as well as DVDs and Downloads not directly related to fly tying.
If you did not find the answers to your questions here, please email us at info@theweeklyfly.com

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