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Salmonid Flies, Streamers, By Fly Type, By Fly Tyer, Kelly Galloup

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Kelly has been a fly fishing guide for 27 years. He started guiding in Michigan at the age of 16. He started his fly shop The Troutsman in Traverse City, Michigan, in 1981. He continued to run The Troutsman until the spring of 2002 when he moved to Montana. He is an author and lecturer. His books are Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout (co-authored with Bob Linsenman) and Cripples and Spinners. Kelly has been published by virtually every major magazine in the business and is Editor-at-Large for Fly Fisherman Magazine. Kelly is also one of the hosts of Fly Fish TV on the Outdoor Life Network.


  • Hook: #2-6 3x Streamer
  • Thread: GSP200
  • Tail: Marabou Yellow
  • Body: Small Chrystaline Chenille
  • UnderWing: Underwing calftail
  • Overwing: Mallard Flank dyed yellow
  • Head and Collar: Yellow Dear Hair

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  • § Bill Email said on :
    This video ends after a minute or so, recycling back to the beginning. Is there a problem on your end or mine?
  • § Henry Harrison® Email said on :
    Hi Bill,

    I think it must be on your end. I can watch it all the way through with my connection. It is a very long, very big file [for the web anyway]. If you haven't tried this yet, you might click the play button, let it start playing then click the pause button and come back to it a few minutes later. This will allow the file to get a good head start loading into memory. The file is 132 mb's so it will take ten or fifteen minutes or more to fully load, depending on how fast your connection is.

    I'm sorry for the hassle. Let us know if you can't get it working. We'll figure something out.

    Henry Harrison
  • § Al Bowers Email said on :
    Best explaination on the proper way to spin hair I've seen.
  • § duane dunham Email said on :
    This is Kelly at his very best! Great instructional video and a real killer fly everyone should have.
  • § Ehren Wells Email said on :
    Holy cow, that covered a lot of ground.
  • § Gary Richardson Email said on :
    As a michigander I wish he would have stayed in michigan, he does this very well and the help with deer hair is a winner.
  • § flyfishermanj® Email said on :
    AWESOME!! This is a great streamer pattern here in Pa.
  • § Paul H Kotek Email said on :
    Some very good points are shown, that can be used on others flies as well.
  • § Bill Scrimpsher Email said on :
    I have several of Mr. Galloup's dvds & his verbal delivery in them is just like in this tying presentation: arrogant, no good if not invented by him & if you disagree with any part, YOU are the one who's wrong. That's BS. Don't misunderstand; he does know how to tie, and quite well I'll add. But when he makes assinine comments like "no wimpy collars," it's clear he is just way too much in himself; do you think he's ever heard about a soft hackle? One turn of a feather is classic & surely several hundred years of tying that way is NOT wrong. JMHO.

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