Willy Self's Double G - 7:20

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A cool and productive variation on the Griffith's Gnat.
Thanks to Hatch Finders Fly shop for hosting us.
Willy discovered his passion for fly fishing at the early age of six. Shortly thereafter, he began tying his own flies for trout, salmon steelhead, and shad. Willy found his love of lake fishing early and has continued to fish stillwaters, becoming known far and wide for his expertise and knowledge. He has fished all over northern California, Idaho, and Montana. From famous blue ribbon trout rivers to high mountain lakes and reservoirs, from farm ponds to the big lakes, Willy has guided for over twenty years in Montana and Yellowstone National Park. Willy has continued to develop his fly tying skills and fly tying recipes and is currently a signature tyer for Brookside Flies out of Denver, Co. He guides and teaches via Willy's Trout World He uses any number of Echo fly rods to ply his craft, including our spey and switch rods and is currently working on the new design of Airflo fly lines for special presentation on lakes.


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Marc Petitjean CDC Beadhead Mayfly Nymph - 6:54

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Marc Petitjean ties a CDC Beadhead Mayfly Nymph using the Magic Tool fly tying tool and a few other interesting techniques.
From Marc:

I learned to fish like the kids in the great movie "A River Runs Through It": Nearly 35 years ago - when I was a seven year old boy - my grandfather took me fishing for the first time . In France where we lived. I was allowed to catch little baitfish. Some years later - and with stronger arms - I caught my first trout and I remember it like yesterday. - The rod was 4 meters long, made out of Bamboo and the bait was a natural may-fly (Ephemera danica, imago) which had to be handled as carefully as a snow-flake. My first experiences of fly-fishing used an old split-cane rod of my grandfather and an even older line which had to be greased every five or ten casts! This was not a very efficient way to catch fish, but I learned a lot! In Switzerland, where I moved in 1978, I had my first contact with a cdc-fly. It was at a dinner among fishermen when my friend Bruno - who had poor eyesight - asked me to tie him a visible fly which floated nicely. Because I was very proud of that request and did not want to lose face I began a study of local cdc-flies. Those patterns used cdc-hackles, no wings and classical bodies made of silk or other materials. Worried, not wanting to copy those local flies, I developed a new concept of also tying the body with a cdc-feather: This product a perfect conical body, which floated even in riffles and rapids. Bruno and later many more fishermen in Europe, were very pleased with the simple but efficient new way to tie a fly. I have been a professional fly-tier since 1990 and today more and more anglers are convinced that those tiny and inconspicuous feathers are the best a fly fisherman can have wrapped around a hook: They are good for dry-flies, for emergers, for nymphs, for streamers and even for salmon flies or saltwater-patterns. I love them and think you will too!

Bob Jacklin's Spruce Moth - 6:50

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This Yellowstone pattern has been pulled from the Yellowstone Patterns with Bob Jacklin available on our VHX store and directly from Bob at his shop.


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Bob Jacklin (www.jacklinsflyshop.com) has been a fly fishing guide and outfitter in the Yellowstone region for over 37 years. He is a world class fly fisherman, fly tyer, and fly casting instructor. Bob holds a Masters Certification as a fly casting instructor, and sits on the FFF�s Board of Governors for fly casting instruction. He has been tying flies commercially since 1963 and is a past recipient of the FFF�s Buz Buszek award for his contributions to the art of fly tying. There are few people in the country with as much in-depth knowledge of fly fishing, fly casting, and fly tying as Bob Jacklin. He is a charter member of the Federation of Fly Fishers, on the pro staff for St. Croix Rods, Ross Reels, Cortland Lines, and Whiting Farms. He is also a contract fly tyer for Umpqua Feather Merchants. On October 23, 2004, at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum, Bob Jacklin was inducted into the very prestigious �Fly Fishing Hall of Fame�

Bob is a frequent participant at fly tying shows as well as putting on talks and demonstrations for smaller groups.

Now sit back and enjoy both the fly tying and story telling skills of Bob Jacklin.

Bob has also tied Many Other Patterns for us. Take a look!

Dean Reiner Kamikaze Hopper - 14:04

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Dean Reiner has been tying for many years, constantly seeking that perfectly tied fly. He started Hatchfinders Fly Shop in 1999 and turned the business over to his daughter, Dandy Reiner. Dean is in the shop 7 days a week, drinking coffee, tying flies, and spinning fishing tales.

Thanks again go to the Dandy and Dean for allowing us to film at their tying benches.


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