Ben Byng The A.P. Pontoon Dun - 8:29

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From Ben:

I have been fly fishing and tying flies for the past 15 years. From 2001 to 2005, I worked for the late Andre Puyans helping at his fly fishing seminars in Idaho. More recently, I'm a fly fishing instructor for Wilderness Unlimited and The Becoming an Outdoor Woman programs.

You can find me hanging around the tier's row at the west coast fly fishing shows and expos in the early spring. Bass fishing with a fly in the California Delta on hot summer nights for a double digit fish is the current goal.


  • Hook- #16 standard dry fly hook
  • Thread- pmd yellow 8/0
  • Tail- medium dun hackle fibers
  • Body- pmd yellow superfine dubbing
  • Wings and legs- medium dun cdc
  • Head- pmd yellow superfine dubbing

Jerry Criss Damsel Nymph - 10:41

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From Jerry:

I am a fly tyer from La Pine, Oregon. I retired to Central Oregon in 2004 to follow my passion for the sport of fly fishing and fly tying which took hold of me in the early 80's. I was blessed with a great mentor and teacher in the late Andre Puyan who with great patience and humor cleaned up my tying by teaching me the classic techniques of the fly tyer's craft. Andre believed that with great technique there is not a fly that you couldn't tye. It is the way and how I teach today in my own classes.
I demonstrate at the most of the tyer conclaves and The Fly Fishing Shows in the Western US. I teach and do demos at the local Orvis store, as well as coordinate a winter fly tying series for the Central Oregon Fishers for which I am a member. In 2009, I received the Stan Walters Memorial Fly Tyer of Year award from, the Oregon Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers. I am humbled to be in the same class as the past winners of this great award, and I will continue to teach and pass on the fly tying craft for that is the only way it can live on.


  • Hook: TMC 206 BL #16-#14
  • Thread: Lt Olive
  • Tail: Lt olive arctic fox tail hairs
  • Body: Med-dark Olive arctic fox under fur
  • Body Veiling: Lt olive fox tail hair
  • eyes: Plastic eye or bead chain eyes, blk or olive

Al Ritt ARF Articulated Sculpin - 22:25

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From Al:

I grew up in Michigan and have fished as long as I can remember. After graduating college, I moved to California and gravitated toward fly fishing almost exclusively. I have been tying “seriously” since 1983 and have been a tying instructor both independently and for several Colorado fly shops since 2000. In 2005 I also began guiding along Colorado’s front range. Currently I am a member of Whiting Farms Pro Staff and am employed by PEAK Fishing and I have several fly patterns commercially available. In addition to guiding, tying instruction and demos, my wife Diana and I own and operate our own company geared primarily toward flyfishing education services. More detailed information is available at


  • Hook:  Daiichi 2451 sz 2 through 4
  • Articulated Shank:  55mm through 35mm
  • Flymen Fishing Company Sculpin Helmet:  Large or Small - Brown
  • Tail:  Marabou, Black Barred Tan (tied on hook) supported by several wraps of Brown Saddle Hackle
  • Butt:  Marabou, Black Barred Tan supported by several wraps of Brown Saddle Hackle
  • Body:  Laser Dub, Tan underneath, alternating bands of Brown and Dark Tan on top
  • Flash:  Krinkle Mirror Flash, Root Beer
  • Collar:  Schlappen, Grizzly Varient Brown

Willy Self T-Rex Worm - 3:50

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Willy discovered his passion for fly fishing at the early age of six. Shortly thereafter, he began tying his own flies for trout, salmon steelhead, and shad. Willy found his love of lake fishing early and has continued to fish stillwaters, becoming known far and wide for his expertise and knowledge. He has fished all over northern California, Idaho, and Montana. From famous blue ribbon trout rivers to high mountain lakes and reservoirs, from farm ponds to the big lakes, Willy has guided for over twenty years in Montana and Yellowstone National Park. Willy has continued to develop his fly tying skills and is currently a signature tier for Brookside Flies out of Denver, Co. He uses any number of Echo fly rods to ply his craft, including our spey and switch rods and is currently working on the new design of Airflo fly lines for special presentation on lakes. Spey casting may be a new approach for lake fishermen in the US, but in Europe it is a common practice allowing for long distant casts from the shoreline.


  • Hook : Dai-Riki #135 size 8 Scud -------------------- Buy on Amazon
  • Thread : Red or Pink ---------------------------------- Buy on Amazon
  • Body : Rubber Squid Tenticle ------------------------ Buy on Amazon
  • Thorax Cover : Red Scud back ----------------------- Buy on Amazon
  • Head : Thread ------------------------------------------ Buy on Amazon

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