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Steve Potter's Cicada (indicator fly) - 19:33

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For the last ten years, Steve has demonstrated his tying skills in Oregon,
Idaho, Montana and California at Federation of Fly Fishing events. He has
tied at the International sportsman's Expositions in Sacramento, San Mateo
and Pleasanton, California. Steve has also tied at the Fly Fishing Show in
San Rafael, California.

Steve enjoys fly fishing the California Delta for Largemouth and Striped
Bass. He also takes pleasure in fishing the neighboring Sierra's for
various species of trout. He is a member of the Tracy Fly Fishers, enjoying
the club functions, speakers and the camaraderie of its members. He is a
proud member of the Whiting and Daiichi Pro Teams.


  • Hook: Daiichi 1750 size 8
  • Thread: Flat Waxed Nylon
  • Body: Stacked Deer Hair, white on top for fisherman
  • Antenna: Hackle stem
  • Legs: Centiped Legs, medium
  • Hackle: Oversized neck hackle, just at the hook gap

Dave Bloom The Foxy Charlie - 9:40

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Dave was born and raised in Great Falls and has spent his life fishing the waters of southwest Montana. He began his guiding career in 1985 on the Henry’s Fork, the South Fork of the Snake and the Teton in Idaho. In 1995, he moved closer to home when he guided on the famous Montana rivers around Yellowstone Park. In 2001 Dave returned to his home waters of the Missouri, which had been the river that captured his imagination since he first fished it as a youngster in 1971.

Up until the late 80’s, the Missouri River had yet to be discovered by the fishing magazines and the few outfitters that guided there held it as closely guarded secret. Dave has studied and fished it intently his entire angling life. Since this homecoming, he has been guiding on the Missouri in the summer and on the rivers of southern Chile and Argentina in the winter. Dave is also a nationally recognized fly-tier and his patterns are produced and sold by Idylwilde Flies.

You can check out Bloom Outfitters' website and you can contact him at
(406) 868-7794

We would again also like to thank the Federation of Fly Fishers for allowing us to film in their beautiful library. If you aren't a member of FFF, please take a look at their site and see what they are all about.


  • Hook: Gamakatsu #5 Saltwater
  • Thread: Tan
  • Body: clear tubing
  • Underbody: Pearl Flashabou
  • Wing: Arctic Fox

Willy Self Willy's Larva Lace Worm - 4:55

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Willy discovered his passion for fly fishing at the early age of six. Shortly thereafter, he began tying his own flies for trout, salmon steelhead, and shad. Willy found his love of lake fishing early and has continued to fish stillwaters, becoming known far and wide for his expertise and knowledge. He has fished all over northern California, Idaho, and Montana. From famous blue ribbon trout rivers to high mountain lakes and reservoirs, from farm ponds to the big lakes, Willy has guided for over twenty years in Montana and Yellowstone National Park. Willy has continued to develop his fly tying skills and is currently a signature tyer for Brookside Flies out of Denver, Co. He is the Assistant Manager of Montana Troutfitters of Bozeman. He uses any number of Echo fly rods to ply his craft, including our spey and switch rods and is currently working on the new design of Airflo fly lines for special presentation on lakes. Spey casting may be a new approach for lake fishermen in the US, but in Europe it is a common practice allowing for long distant casts from the shoreline.


  • Hook: 1/0 Gamagatsu
  • Thread: 3/0 Mono cord
  • Body: Larva lace hollow body, color of choice
  • Head: Red mono 3/0
  • Gills: Flo Orange big fish thread

Doug McKnight's Home Invader - 12:17

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Doug Mcknight's HOME INVADER fly pattern in free HD video.
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Livingston tier and guide Doug McKnight hails originally from Pennsylvania, but now lives in Livingston, MT. He is currently a fly designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants, an agent at Yellow Dog Fly Fishing, and also creates beautiful display flies in custom shadow boxes.

This is one of Doug's best fly tying patterns.

If you would like to learn more about Doug McKnights custom fly fishing artwork you can reach him at . Doug will also takes orders if you'd like him to tie you a dozen or two. He can pretty much match whatever you need matched and he has some great stories of Monsters he's caught with this one.

We would also like to thank the Federation of Fly Fishers for allowing us to film in their beautiful library. If you aren't a member of FFF, please take a look at their site and see what they are all about.


  • Hook: Tiemco 700 #1/0-8
  • Thread: White Flat waxed Nylon, White UTC140 for smaller sizes
  • Eyes/weight: Lead wire, painted dumbell eyes
  • Body: White Marabou, White Fox Tail
  • Flash: Silver Flashabou, UV Herring Back Krystal Flash, Black Flashabou
  • Sides: Badger Rooster Neck Hackles
  • Cement: Zap a Gap.

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