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Josh Stanish Chubby Chernobyl - 12:46 -Y

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Josh Stanish is a tyer from Bozeman, MT. Find out more about Josh by going to Biggie's Bugs or to

Josh grew up in the mountains of Colorado and watched a world class resort grow from the ground up. His passion for fishing got started at a young age when his father would take him camping in the flat top wilderness. When he was about 10 he found an old spin/flyfish combo rod and headed to the river. He has been completely consumed with the sport ever since. Upon graduating High School he headed north to the great state of Montana. He attended college between his days on the Madison, Yellowstone and Gallatin Rivers.


  • Hook: 3x long nymph or streamer hook. # 4-10
  • Thread: 140 Denier UTC thread, color to match body
  • Tail: 6-10 strands of Krystal Flash
  • Dubbing: Amber Super Bright dubbing
  • Overbody: Tan 2mm foam
  • Wings: White Gator Hair or Poly Yarn
  • Legs: Pumpkin Sili Legs or Flex Floss

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Sylvester Nemes' Tup's Indispensible

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Sylvester Nemes is a tyer and author who grew up in Cleveland, OH the son of Ukranian immigrants. Syl learned to tie from a local barber in Cleveland. Sylvester has many books available (and some classics no longer available that go for several hunderd dollars apiece) and DVD from which this was pulled with the publishers permission. (available for sale at Sylvester Nemes' Softhackles). He has been largely responsible for maintaining if not reinvigorating the popularity of the softhackle. In this video, Syl ties the Tup's Indispensible and explains briefly the origin of the name.

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  • Hook: Wide gape dry fly #16
  • Thread: Yellow Silk
  • Tail: Med blue dun hen hackle fibers
  • Thorax: Pink Wool
  • Hackle: med blue dun hen hackle

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