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Biggies Sculpin - 17:11

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Josh Stanish is a tyer from Bozeman, MT. Find out more about Josh by going to Biggie's Bugs or to

Josh grew up in the mountains of Colorado and watched a world class resort grow from the ground up. His passion for fishing got started at a young age when his father would take him camping in the flat top wilderness. When he was about 10 he found an old spin/flyfish combo rod and headed to the river. He has been completely consumed with the sport ever since. Upon graduating High School he headed north to the great state of Montana. He attended college between his days on the Madison, Yellowstone and Gallatin Rivers.

RECIPE:This video is now available as an HD DOWNLOAD.

  • Hook: TMC #300 #2-8
  • Thread: UTC 140 Olive
  • Tail: Olive Zonker Strip
  • Body: Olive Polar Chenile
  • Peck Fins: Grizzly Olive filoplume
  • Collar: Olive Brown Deer hair
  • Head: Olive Brown Deer hair


Bloom's Black and Gold - 13:26

Dave Bloom ties a great go-to Steelhead fly.

Dave Bloom has been an outfitter and guide in Montana and Idaho over 20 yrs as well as a dedicated steelheader in the Northwest. In addition he has guided in Chile and worked for Montana Fly Company in central America. He also has several of his patterns liscensed by Idlywild Flies out of Portland.
He is currently residing and outfitting in Craig, MT on the Missouri River.

You can check out Bloom Outfitters' website and you can contact him at
(406) 868-7794

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This video is now available as an HD DOWNLOAD!

  • Hook: Alec Jackson Spey (Gold) #3-#7
  • Thread: 6/0 Black
  • Tail: Hot Red or Hot Orange Golden Pheasant Crest
  • Body: Black SLF with small oval gold tinsel rib
  • Wing: Orange Artic Fox under Golden Pheasant Rump


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Jacklin's Western March Brown - 13:45

Bob Jacklin ( has been a fly fishing guide and outfitter in the Yellowstone region for over 37 years. He is a world class fly fisherman, fly tyer, and fly casting instructor. Bob holds a Masters Certification as a fly casting instructor, and sits on the FFF’s Board of Governors for fly casting instruction. He has been tying flies commercially since 1963 and is a past recipient of the FFF’s Buz Buszek award for his contributions to the art of fly tying. There are few people in the country with as much in-depth knowledge of fly fishing, fly casting, and fly tying as Bob Jacklin. He is a charter member of the Federation of Fly Fishers, on the pro staff for St. Croix Rods, Ross Reels, Cortland Lines, and Whiting Farms. He is also a contract fly tyer for Umpqua Feather Merchants. On October 23, 2004, at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum, Bob Jacklin was inducted into the very prestigious “Fly Fishing Hall of Fame”

Bob is a frequent participant at fly tying shows as well as putting on talks and demonstrations for smaller groups.

Now sit back and enjoy both the fly tying and story telling skills of Bob Jacklin. See the recipe below the video.

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  • Hook: 2x long Nymph
  • Thread: 3/0 Rusty Brown
  • Tail: 3 tails, Pheasant Tail
  • Body: Australian Opossum Dubbing
  • Ribbing: Med. Brown Vinyl Rib
  • Thorax: Australian Opossum Dubbing
  • Wing Case: Brown Turkey Tail over which is placed Brown Body Stretch
  • Legs: Partridge Breast Feather
  • Head: Australian Opossum Dubbing over which is Brown Body Stretch


Caicos Critter - 10:20

This video is also available for Download at full resolution.

Writer and outfitter Dave McKee of Dave McKee Flyfishing, LLC out of Bozeman, MT is tying his Caicos Critter for us today. Though specializes in both trout and carp fishing in SW Montana as well as being an Umpqua signature tier, this fly is a bonefish fly. He also writes a weekly outdoors column for the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, and he's developed his own line of cork strike indicators "the McKee Cork Indicator" which can be found in Umpqua Feather Merchant's Catalogue.

You can learn more about Dave at

This week Dave is tying his Shrimp Cocktail pattern.
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  • Hook: SKII3H #2-#4
  • Thread: Pink Flatwax Nylon
  • Tail: Barred Pumpkin Rubberlegs - nymph
  • Dubbing: UV Ice Dub or Hairs Ear
  • Eyes: Black Bead Chain
  • Wing: Gator Hair - tan; Red Fox body; UV Pearl Krystal Flash
  • Legs: Sili Legs barred Pumpkin - nymph

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The Weekly Fly

There are plenty of fly tyers who have filmed themselves tying a fly in their basement with a handy cam and posted it on places like YouTube. Ours are different in quality. In quality of tyers, quality of flies tied, and quality of production value of the video, and also in quantity. We want to be THE source for free fly tying videos. We will be adding a fly recipe a week until there are no more. We will also be making our free library searchable by fly type and fly tyer and organized in a way that makes it more useful than doing queries on the net and digging through various other sites. We hope you enjoy.


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