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  05:00:00 am , Categories: Salt Water Flies, James Warren, Sailfish

James Warren's Pink Sail Fish Fly -20:19

James Warren has been tying commercially since he was 12 years old. He has guided for 9 years and fished all over the world. His Pink Sailfish Fly is simple and cheap and worth a watch.

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  • Hook: Owner AKI 6/0 (two hooks)
  • Thread: Red "B26 Fly"
  • Eyes: 1/2" Silver Prismatic Stick on
  • Body: Pink Schaden
  • Thorax: Pink Marabou
  • Overwing and Head: 3/4" Foam popper head/w Pink Prismatic Tape


  05:00:00 am , Categories: Dry Flies, Doug McKnight

The Art Flick Dun Variant - 10:48

Doug McKnight returns with his Art Flick Dun Variant.

Livingston tier and guide Doug McKnight hails originally from Pensylvania, but now lives in Livingston, MT. He is currently a fly designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants and also creates beautiful display flies in custom shadow boxes.

If you would like to learn more about Doug's custom work you can reach him at or by calling him at George Anderson's Yellowstone Angler at (406) 222-7130.
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  • Hook: Standard Dry Fly
  • Thread: UTC 70
  • Tail: Dun Hackle fibers
  • Body: Reddish brown hackle stripped
  • Hackle: 2-3 dun dry fly hackles 3-4 times oversized

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Josh Stanish' Downy Dun

Josh Stanish is a tyer from Bozeman, MT. Find out more about Josh by going to or to

Josh grew up in the mountains of Colorado and watched a world class resort grow from the ground up. His passion for fishing got started at a young age when his father would take him camping in the flat top wilderness. When he was about 10 he found an old spin/flyfish combo rod and headed to the river. He has been completely consumed with the sport ever since. Upon graduating High School he headed north to the great state of Montana. He attended college between his days on the Madison, Yellowstone and Gallatin Rivers.
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  • Hook: Dai Rikki #310 #'s 16-22
  • Thread: UTC 70 Dun
  • Tail: Antron Yarn
  • Body: BWO Goose Quill
  • Wing: Brown or Gray Poly Yarn
  • Dubbing: Superfine


  04:00:00 am , Categories: Salmonid Flies, Nymphs, By Fly Type, By Fly Tyer, Dave Bloom

Dave Bloom's Emergent PMD Nymph - 6:07

Dave Bloom has been an outfitter and guide in Montana and Idaho over 20 yrs as well as a dedicated steelheader in the Northwest. In addition he has guided in Chile and worked for Montana Fly Company in central America. He also has several of his patterns licensed by Idlywild Flies out of Portland.
He is currently residing and outfitting in Craig, MT on the Missouri River.

You can check out Bloom Outfitters' website and you can contact him at
(406) 868-7794
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  • Hook: TMC #2457 #14-#18
  • Thread: 8/0 Dark Brown
  • Tail: Hungarian Partridge (brown)
  • Body: Australian Possum (rusty brown)
  • Thorax: Same with rusty brown KF Rib
  • Wind: CDC Chartreuse
  • Legs: Hungarian Partridge (brown)

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